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Monday, April 5, 2010

Love Without Forgiveness

Love Without Forgiveness
Lyric by April Holder; Music by Becka deHaan, copyright 2008

Like heaven without eternity;
A prayer without sincerity
That’s love without forgiveness.
The quiet without serenity;
A song without a melody
That’s love without forgiveness.

Chorus: ‘Cause love was meant to ease the pain;
Forgive the wrong, forget the blame.
Love lets go where hurt hangs on,
And love won’t keep
Keep a record of wrongs.

An angel without the light;
A star without the moonlight
That’s love without forgiveness.
A promise without the truth;
Mercy without the proof
That’s love without forgiveness.

Trust isn’t trust without a soft place to fall;
Well love without forgiveness isn’t’ love at all.


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