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Here you'll find all of the lyrics to the songs from my first two albums, Wait for the Wind and my new Christmas CD, Long-awaited, Unexpected. Feel free to add your comments.

Monday, October 29, 2012

The Baby in the Hay

The Baby on the Hay
Copyright 2011 by Becka deHaan

 How many sleeps until
The long-awaited day?
When gifts are shared
And food prepared
Bright colours on display;
The family reunites
And lets the music play
To celebrate
A love so great
The baby on the hay.

How many reigns until
The long-awaited king?
With trumpet blast
And chariot fast
Bow strong as David’s sling;
Who’ll rule in righteousness,
God’s statutes to obey,
Stretching a hand
To the widow and
The baby on the hay.
But none were prepared for the birth of the King
So they laid the child down in a barn;
Let all of our clatter not drown out the song
Of the lone caroler, donning snow-covered yarn…]

The halls may be decked
But let us expect…
“The little Lord Jesus, asleep on the hay.”

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